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The ongoing development of the carton packaging industry happened?

Thanks to the outstanding feature gives consumers and businesses to produce goods to satisfy his desire, carton, cartons gradually become one of the main product support for most of both sectors. Thus, the carton is increasingly investing lines, modern scientific equipment in order to meet the demand is increasing by the day. The ongoing development of carton packaging sector there are many factors. In including the advantages and tastes of consumers.

Advantages of carton packaging

   -Packing cartons, cartons are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and use.

   -Light weight, easy cutting or bending.

   -Resisting compression forces, the good podium.

   -Diversification of styles, designs crates or boxes.

   -Mobile Prints with rich color Flexo & Offset printing technology.


   -Support Multiple mounting types (stapled, glued, tuck).

   -Grape compact, easily folded flat storage.

   -Protect Good food, good waterproofing (waterproof rolling).

   -Easy Plated surfaces, easily embossed (box).

   -Easy Repairs, change the original design.

   -Easy Treatment, regeneration.

   -Easy Biodegradable, environmentally friendly.

Tastes of today's consumers for carton packaging sector

On the basis of the features that the carton, the carton has brought, can see the continuous development of carton packaging industry in the future is inevitable. This is proved by the figures achieved by the carton packaging industry in recent years while the sector's share has accounted for over 85% of the packaging industry. And experts predict this number will continue to increase in the coming years.

Carton packaging, cartons are divided into several categories, suitable for most daily use needs of each family: conventional cartons, cartons 5 edges, carton 3-5-7 Class,…